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murasoli epaper tamilMurasoli Epaper: Murasoli is a leading Tamil language daily newspaper that is brought out in the open market by Indian News paper published from Chennai, Vellore, Trichy, Madurai, Tirunelveli,and Coimbatore, in the state of Tamil Nadu, in South India. This epaper today exclusively brings out political affairs, business news, sports, entertainment, travel, health, education, career, women issue, etc. This newspaper online comes with news today special features and editorials. This epaper online has a special status among epapers online of this state. Among the newspapers and epapers in Tamil language, this epaper today is an instant hit among its esteemed readers. Online e-papers are gaining momentum in Tamil language to a great extent with people’s patronage.

The Murasoli newspaper along with its epaper covers local, regional, state, national and international latest news updates. This publication brings astrological prediction and astro daily updates for its readers. It is one of the popular local newspapers in this particular state. This newspaper online comes with exclusive latest news, update of happenings and events in the open market. It has achieved special status in the world of print and electronic media in the Tamil circuit to a great extent. It is one of the popular daily Tamil language newspapers within the state and rest of India.

Language: Tamil
Editions: Chennai, India.
Frequency: Daily News Paper
Price: Free
Country: India
Registration: Not Required

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  1. Dushanthpretheepkumar // December 3, 2015 at 2:57 am // Reply

    E paper is usefull for earlier news,particularly we know the party news earlier, it is most useful for discussion our gaders about political cituation.

  2. Kindly update the mobile option (e paper) still 2nd March paper is online

  3. Sir/Madam

         In the Puducherry Union Territory in this legislative election Congress has won 15 seats and D.M.K. has won 2 seats. The Congress and D.M.K alliance

    is forming the government here, I convey my heartfelt congrats for this victory.

         In this election in Karaikal there are 5 Constituency, 3 were given to Congress and 2 to D.M.K. in which the Karaikal South Constituency was contested by our D.M.K.

    candidate Mr. A.M.H. Nazim who has been winning the legislative elections consecutively for 5 times. He has been the M.L.A. for Karaikal South Constituency for the

    past 25 years. He is also the D.M.K. party’s Karaikal District Organizer. Our D.M.K. party members and our volunteers have put in their complete hard work and worked

    full fledged for the congress candidate in the other 3 constituency contested by the Congress candidates.

        Mr. A.V.Subramanian, Former President of State Congress Committee and Former Minister and Speaker of Congress party, wanted to contest in this election in the Karaikal South Constituency. The Congress – D.M.K. alliance party gave him the Karaikal North Constituency to contest. But Mr. A.V. Subramanian pressed to be given the South Constituency, when the alliance party declined, he refused from contesting in this election altogether and thus the party selected Mr. Chandra Mohan to contest in the Karaikal

    North Constituency.

    In the Karaikal South Constituency Mr. A.V.Subramanian didn’t offer his support and neither did his supporters, even though our D.M.K. members gave their full support for the other three Congress candidates from the other three constituencies in Karaikal. Mr.A.M.H. Nazim personally invited Mr.A.V.Subramanian to take part in the election campaign and garner votes for the Congress – D.M.K alliance. Mr.  A.V. Subramanian was given equal footage in all the promotional posters and banners, and even in campaign vehicles. But he refused to accompany the D.M.K candidate Mr.A.M.H. Nazim and further more driven by vengeance of being not given the South Constituency seat Mr .A.V.Subramanian joined hands with our direct opponent Mr. K.A.U. Asana of AIADMK party and offered his full support physically and financially to them, He even recommended his supporters to do the same and work in favour of the AIADMK party to promote the AIADMK candidate. Mr. A.V. Subramanian’s son Mr. A.V.S. Prabhu was seen directly campaigning for the AIADMK party. Mr. A.V.Subramanian’s another son Mr. Vetri joined the AIADMK in order to defeat our DMK candidate Mr. A.M.H. Nazim at the insistence of his father and now that the DMK candidate has been defeated Mr. Vetri has come back and joined the Congress party.  Due to the despicable actions of Mr. A.V.Subramanian, our DMK candidate lost this election for the very first time in 25 years in a meager difference of 20 votes.

          All the above details regarding the matter had been informed by us and by other Congress party members to Former Central Minister Mr.V. Narayanasamy, who knew about this matter before hand through his sources. He tried to smooth over Mr .A.V. Subramanian’s misunderstanding regarding Mr. A.M.H. Nazim contesting the election. He personally held a meeting with Mr.A.V.Subramanian and Mr.A.M.H Nazim. Mr.V. Narayanasamy advised Mr. A.V.Subramanian to respect the party’s decision and work towards the victory of the alliance party. But Mr. A.V.Subramanian refused to co-operatre and work amicably with D.M.K candidate Mr. A.M.H.Nazim. Mr. A.V.Subramanian  not only didn’t work for the alliance party and support the DMK candidate instead he supported the AIADMK candidate Mr.K.A.U. Asana and even spent his personal money to buy off votes and insisted them to not to vote for DMK candidate Mr. A.M.H Nazim.

    Mr. A.V.Subramanian has been appointed as the Karaikal district Election Organizer for the Congress Party but he didn’t work for the Congress – D.M.K. alliance neither in Karaikal nor in Puducherry.

          Now after the victory of the Congress and D.M.K. alliance Mr. A.V.Subramanian is demanding the President post of the Congress State Party and the nominate M.L.A. and Chairman post for his son Mr. A.V.S. Prabhu. Its very disheartening for us to take in this latest developments. I request you to take the strictest action possible such that anyone will refrain from doing such acts in the future. I am confidently awaiting your actions.

    Thank You

    Yours Faithfully

  4. Casimir Sammanasu // October 16, 2016 at 7:51 am // Reply


    I have been reading Murasoli online, but recently, I am not able to read it as some starnge log-in screen comes and asks me to enter user name and password. Even if I create one, it takes me to a German and other newspaers site. The only problem is that Murasoli is not listed there. I miss reading Murasoli. Can you help me? Is there a Murasoli website where I need to register to read the paper now? Thanks for your help.


  5. HAJA MOHIDEEN. // December 15, 2016 at 6:19 pm // Reply

    Pls Rigister my mail a/c

  6. HAJA MOHIDEEN. // December 15, 2016 at 6:21 pm // Reply

    am log in murasoli epaper pls sent mail id

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