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epaper kutchudayKutchUday Epaper: Kutch Uday is one of the most popular evening newspapers in Gujarati language in the state of Gujarat that is mainly dedicated and committed to Kutch region. It covers local, regional, state, national and international news affairs in a grand manner. Among the epapers and newspapers that are published from the Kutch region, this evening newspaper is one of the sought after newspapers by adults and old persons in the given society. It comes with exclusive and relevant photos related to news items. Kutchuday epaper today comes with vast experienced editors, journalists and reporters with better knowledge and awareness related to newspaper online.

Kutch Uday epaper online is a hot among epapers online in the open market. In the present scenario, online e papers are gaining momentum among the esteemed existing and potential readers. News today special features are sought after by readers through this particular newspaper that comes in Gujarathi language. In this state, this epaper today is popular among common men and elite alike. This epaper online gives significance for local and state political affairs and its related happenings in an exclusive manner. Without any gimmicks, this news today publication is known for its factual presentation. KutchUday newspaper edition comes with more pages dedicated to special articles and editorial features dealing with health, celebrity column, interviews, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, women issues, etc. Among the general public, the horoscope section is an instant hit.

Language: Gujarati
Editions: Kutch region, India.
Frequency: Daily News Paper
Price: Free
Country: India
Registration: Not Required
Website: www.kutchhuday.in
Epaper: kutchhuday.in/epaper

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  1. Sakur sumra // April 5, 2016 at 12:43 pm // Reply

    Tame roj online pepar moklo cho sir ane kale presh not aaviti amari nanakapaya medical kemp ni to e amne joye chiye madi sakse sir

  2. Bharat patariya // April 14, 2016 at 8:08 pm // Reply

    Prfect news peper of kutch.
    The kutchuday

  3. How to download old papEr??

  4. newspaper 1 by 1 page aavechhe…
    full paper pdf…?

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