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epaper jagbaniJagbani Epaper: Jagbani is a Punjabi language regional daily newspaper that is published from Jalandhar, in the state of Punjab, in Northern India. Among the vernacular newspapers and epapers, this edition comes with exclusive news items related local, state, regional, national and international circuits. It is one of the most widely read Punjabi daily newspapers among the Punjabi communities. On the other hand, Jagbani epaper today gives best coverage of the news items related to politics, business, lifestyle, art and culture, trade, sports, entertainment, women issues, etc. It is to be remembered that it is one of the initial Punjabi newspaper that featured its print edition exclusively at their official website.

Jagbani epaper online is an instant hit among its readers who are commoners and elite alike. In the present scenario, epapers are most sought after for news updates and general awareness. News papers have become part and parcel of the life of esteemed readers. In the open market, in the long list of epapers online published in the state, vernacular language newspaper and its epaper are facing stiff competition. Online e papers are gaining momentum amongst internet users with a lot of perfection. The news today column features editorial write ups in an exclusive manner.

Language: Punjabi
Editions: Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Frequency: Daily News Paper
Price: Free
Country: India
Registration: Not Required
Website: www.jagbani.in
Epaper: epaper.jagbani.in

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