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Amar Ujala Epaper Today

Amar Ujala Newspaper

Amar Ujala Epaper TodayAmar Ujala Epaper: Amar Ujala is a leading Hindi-language daily newspaper that is published from Noida, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in India. Its publisher is Amar Ujala Publications Ltd. According to the latest survey as of December 2013, its circulation is 2,018,023 daily. Its sister newspapers is Amar Ujala Compact. This newspaper comes with 19 editions from seven states and one union territory which cover 167 districts. Amongst newspapers in India, Amar Ujala has attained the place of 12th-largest daily readership as per the 2013 Indian Readership Survey report with 5.510 million copies. In 1948, it was founded in Agra.

Amar Ujala with its newspaper online is an instant hit among its esteemed existing and potential readers. Among the epapers, Amar Ujala epaper today has captured the hearts of the readers with unbiased news presentation. In the long list of Hindi newspapers, this epaper online covers news updates of local, regional, national and international circuit. In the list of preferred epapers online, the Hindi speaking communities prefer this esteemed news today. Online e papers are instant hit among the internet users. This epaper covers largely areas of politics, sports, entertainment, health, travel, culture and woman issues. Amar Ujala newspaper and its epaper have attained the position of top-class from the day of its launch in the open market.

Language: Hindi
Editions: Noida, India.
Frequency: Daily Newspaper
Price: Free
Country: India
Registration: Not Required

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